I decided to spruce up the scenery reserve that much more with another entry by The Lazy Forger’s excellent line of 6mm (upscaled to 10) terrain. The guard and radio towers looked perfectly suited for Dropzone.

Two large radio towers, three smaller ones, and three guard towers. The smaller ones also work for placing on top of other structures, and were designed to fit perfectly on the ceiling of the guard towers. I think they look a bit better placed on regular buildings or free standing though.

I wasn’t as happy with the print on these as I was with the radio telescope, however. The communication towers are fine, but the guard towers…

Not the worst, but very visible printlines/shifting near the top. In this case, I’m fine enough with it, as they’re going to look abandoned/overgrown after all. I’m ordering these online, not printing them myself as it’s not something I have much interest in doing, so accepting the risk of getting a sub-optimal job that is good enough I can’t be bothered to see if I can get replaced is just part of the deal.

Painting was quick and easy as usual for this sort of terrain. Base coat of dark rust on the metal, lighter/dry-ish brushing of brighter rust, then another light dry brushing of sombre grey.

The dishes/plates were just wolf grey, a black wash, then a dry brush of ghost grey.

The shelter part of the guard tower I wasn’t completely sure on how to do, ended up doing a base coat of foul green, a second coat of dark green, then a dry brushing of cayman green and a very light dry brushing of verdigris. The roof is just ghost grey and a black wash.

And lastly, did most of the swift armor Shaltari box.

I will absolutely never be assed to paint up another Eden after doing the six from the starter.

For the skimmers, went for movement nonsense with the Alligator and Atlatls as they look more fun and interesting. The walker I decided on the Puma; while the gate variant would match with the theme of movement, I don’t particularly like how the gate gem looks on the walker compared to the standard head.

The Puma gave me self-inflicted issues. I didn’t take into account how back/top heavy the sonic cannon crest makes the model, and the legs weren’t set up to support that center of mass and glued too tightly to rearrange. The model in the picture here is actually the first Jaguar I did, but with the AA gun ripped off and replaced with the sonic cannon! The model in the box then got built as a Jaguar using said AA gun.