I’ve had a few finished models kicking around for a bit; I was waiting to finish a larger project to post everything together, but my schedule and free time in the next week or so is very much up in the air, so fuck it!

Wasn’t sure how to feel about the underslung guns at first, but after building and painting them up, I think they look solid. The thing I didn’t like was the furnace cannons that go over the launch bays on the back fins if you want to build the Beelzebub; there’s a one or two bays on the edge of the piece that they only half-cover, so it looks very awkward. Hence going with the Devil as the build choice here.

If I ever wanted to build a Beelzebub specifically, and didn’t care about setting fire to some cash for it, I would just take the superior trilobite head from the Daemon and slap it on. You’d still have the oculus lenses and forward facing furnace cannons, so weapon loadout would remain unchanged. The underslung guns might stick out in front a little, but that’d just have to be dry fit to see how things look. The Akuma-esque prow is fine, the old one is just more visually interesting!

Well, other than this precious smile!

Something I decided to try was adding a different color to the gravity-manipulator-whatever parts on the fins. The metallic green lacked a bit of depth by itself, and a standard wash caused it to lose luster. Some yellow contrast, specifically Ironjawz Yellow, and a very light brushing afterwards of the original Mecha Metallic Green resulted in a color I was satisfied with.

The other Fleet thing was the PHR small stations. Getting the three pieces properly orthogonal while gluing was a bit of a pain but not the worst trouble. Tried getting some edge highlighting on the armor panels, but ended up not really making much difference! I suppose I was afraid of pushing it too much, as it looked sloppy every time I did so while painting, but perhaps it’d be fine on the table. Still haven’t actually used a fleet station in a game, but I’m completely fine with just using them as thematic standard stations.

Lastly for now, decided to grab some storm wagons on a whim. I think I’ve since figured out how to do a cleaner job on the windows, at least. Painting Resistance models is always fun, since a sloppy and quick wash and drybrush gets the look down. No idea if or when they’ll be used in a game; the old barrage version of the rocket battery seems more fun than the penetrative-dependent version they are now, and the one-shot missile begs to be run in a list with the famous commander that lets you fire off a second shot.

So it mostly depends on if I’m running a beta-rules game or trying out said famous commander in the 2.0 set. Although thinking about it right now, the famous commanders would probably work just fine in the older rules with minimal changes.