Decided I should finally turn my assorted Shaltari things into a usable army, and picked up their starter. Just a few quick pictures of the set done.

I didn’t bother assembling/painting the two ‘extra’ Havens, and already having the metal infantry done meant I just tossed the plastic infantry in a box, doomed to never see a paint brush.

The Daimyo was the most interesting model in the box. I like the little diorama it comes with; the first thing to note is fitting the three pieces flat while slotting into the base was a big enough pain that I ended up cutting off the tab on the Daimyo rubble pile so I could shift the position slightly and get it flat.

The other comment on this model is that the store listing shows a gap between the two nano-gate constructs, which I was unable to replicate. I think with some heat bending it could be done, but it already looks fairly straight as it is and that might result in too much of an angle on the rest of the piece. Looks fine as a single construct anyway.