Magnetizing the battleship wouldn’t be difficult, but I’ve found recently I have zero motivation to get drilling once the time comes. The sides even seem like they could reasonably be push-fit, but the thought didn’t cross my mind until after the glue had set. Despite the copious test fitting I did. Oh well.

Galileos have felt sorely needed in games, so happy to have them done. Hard to see here, but I just could not get the lens done in a way I was satisfied with. Ended up just being a glossy dark blue circle.

The Triumvir is a great model once completed and you can just look at it. It was a fucking piece of shit and a half to build. Getting the repair armature whatever bit to slide onto the main body was a damn experience with a knife and a lot of curses. At first I blamed bad resin mold design, as a big cylinder is right in the portion that slides onto the main hull. However, it was easy to clear that out, yet still the bit refused to slide on. A great deal of slow shaving away and some heating to add pliability got it on.

Also misplaced the little sensor-y bit that goes on the bottom, but I’ll add it on later if I ever find it since it’s only there to cover the plug where the Senator would have missiles attach.

At least the yacht was free of issues. I love how the design evokes sails.

Can’t decide if I’m happy with the primary color lenses. They pop nicely visually, but it almost looks too toy-like.

These were built and painted up in an evening, love the little champs.

Prowlers are fun models in 10mm, so happy to have enlarged versions as well now. I may have to look into the seemingly endless 28/32mm skirmish systems out there to actually utilize these models for something, as enthusiasm is going to fade a bit on painting them once the novelty of Dropzone Models But Bigger wears off. Mostly just looking forward to a Shaltari Warsuit to be honest.