Quick and dirty job on the first bit of two Resistance fleet starters, using the same scheme as the Zone stuff. Nothing amazing but content enough with the effort to result ratio.

The real difficulty with Resistance stuff is deciding on how to build the ships! Between two starters, settled on:


4x mass driver turret – a ship for going on weapons free

4x artillery turret – for firing without needing to go weapons free, and pairing with any future Galileos

Vent cannon turret, 2x fighter/bomber, ablative armor (2 of) – carriers that can punch back, vent cannons do best by themselves

2x bulk lander/fire ship, bombardment mortar, ablative armor (2 of) – bombardment isn’t enough to destroy sectors, but it’s there to pick off enemy tokens in contested clusters


4x strike carrier, sensor dome – may just run these as doesn’t-count-as if the inability to active scan in atmosphere proves it to be not worth the points, but seems feasible to ping early on before they get down into atmosphere

4x frigate, light vent cannon turret – toss up between these and hybrid turrets, but not having to worry about maintaining squadron to stay threatening seems better