(Mostly) completed starter fleets. I might pick up one more later, mostly for the sake of getting a few more frigates; it’s somewhat annoying that not only is there not a battlefleet box for Resistance, but not even a cruiser or frigate one. Apparently the cruiser/frigate boxes for the original factions never sold well, but still makes it a pain to expand out a fleet.

These aren’t the cleanest paint jobs out there, but I’m still content with how they look and think the roughness suits them well. The most important thing is they were quick to get done compared to my usual painting speed, about a week per box. All that remains is getting the stickers on the bases and marking off the facing bits.

I have one of the original Centurions, but painted up with the PHR scheme. Going to strip that clean and repaint it in this scheme to use as a flagship, and have a pack of corvettes coming to handle anti-atmospheric duties, so that’ll be sufficient to make this a functional fleet.