Second PHR behemoth completed. I’m happier with this one overall, as experience with assembling the legs on the Tethys made it far less of a painful process.

Lost the laser bit for the station so didn’t magnetize it to switch. I’m fine with that as I prefer how the missile bit looks.

Painting this was interesting. Unsure of the scheme other than wanting a purple/yellow combo, I ended up using primarily contrast paints. The base is leviathan purple over chrome, which ended up not showing much shine through, and then a drybrush of straight purple. I think I may try a lighter color or more of a violet over white on any later models with this scheme.

More pleased with the panels! Ironjawz yellow over ghost grey. At first it was a light tan underneath, but the yellow just came out as a muted brown, so I painted over it with the grey base which resulted in a far more vibrant yellow. Hopefully doing that from the start rather than having multiple layers will result in a smoother finish.