After a fruitless search for primer at nearby hardware stores, a hobby store that turned out to not have any spray primer, and discovering the horror that is shipping costs on every spray primer I could find online, I gave up and decided to order the Citadel black primer spray direct from Games Workshop. I needed some Agrax Earthshade as well and that was also proving hard to find from the same store that had black spray primer in stock at a reasonable price, so in a shocking twist, GW ended up being the best source as I was able to get a paint brush and hit the free shipping threshold for the same cost as just the primer and shade plus shipping ran from everywhere else I could find.

All that is the long way of saying I did not get any painting done, and instead cleaned up and prepared the other half of the model pile. The Aether/Helios is magnetized, but I decided not to try attempting the Subjugator, and the Menchits need to get some still.