No painting this time; just model work. Mostly because I can’t find my bottle of spray primer, and apparently no hardware store here sells plain black primer (plenty of primer+paint, which may be the same but I worry it’ll be thicker and obscure detail, could be worth testing).

Most of the bits needed some bubble/moldline/etc. attention. The eyes of the Brigands as mentioned in the previous post, and the PHR Monitors in particular had plenty of rough surfaces on them.

Magnetized the Monitors as well. 3x2mm magnets, and although I did a rather bad job at centering the Pollux bits, they still attach fine with only minor issues that some heat bending will solve. Drilling had to be done carefully, as this width of magnet only barely fits into the Pollux wing.

Planned to also magnetize the Agrippa/Pompeius, but the great thing is they friction fit quite well, so that’s far less work needed.