To add some much needed blocking/definition/realism/whatever to the table, I dug up one scenery kit that had been long neglected and ignored after an unfavorable test assembly.

4ground fences! As to why these had been shoved away, while the frames are fine if tedious to build, the actual fencing mesh was a disappointment.

The kit is provided with a sheet of clear plastic with printed fencing. Cut them out and glue them to the frames and tada! Except being a sheet of glossy plastic means they stand out far too strongly on the table due to the highly reflected light. To address this, I went and grabbed the closest thing I had laying around to fencing:

I got this a while back when I had to transport a bee hive and needed to seal the boxes without suffocating them. I believe it’s just a black plastic window screen mesh. A tighter mesh would be more accurate at scale, but I like how it doesn’t visually obscure too much, and most importantly, I had it already.

First test piece! The plastic has a slight gloss to it, so it was painted with rust colors to get properly grody.

After that, it’s just going through and sizing what needs to be cut out for each piece, which wasn’t too bad but was the most laborious part of the process.

Fairly quick with satisfying results. Just need roads to arrive so I can get cracking on those and the table will be in a state where I’m happy to use it.