Received a new terrain mat from War Sigil.

The city street layout mat has served me well, but the downsides are twofold: a lack of visual depth due to being a smooth and flat surface, and an inability to alter the position or structure of the roads that limit structure placement as well. I decided to spring for one of these after seeing pictures of another Dropzone game using one from them ages ago, as the realism of the surface covered the first issue, and terrain could be placed anywhere to address the second problem.

I’m quite happy with how it looks and feels! Functionally, there’s a few spots where the foliage will make placing something on a flight stand a small issue, but testing out moving a variety of other models shows that’s about it.

What the mat demands now is roads. While I can suggest where roads may be by placing vehicles and road-related terrain, it still looks off without actual asphalt down there. Even a single road running over the table seems like it’ll remediate the ‘randomly plopped down’ look of the buildings as they are now, and getting some is the next project!

When ordering the table, I misunderstood things and ordered without the foliage that I wanted, which would cost extra. I emailed them immediately and asked if I could make a separate order just to cover the foliage addition, and they said not to worry and tossed it on for free!

The only real negative I have to say is it took a long time between ordering and receiving. The site says you can expect a minimum of 90 days, so some time wasn’t surprising, but this was… multiple 90 day waits. It’s also certainly not the cheapest option for a mat, but considering this appears to be a small operation run by one guy who hand makes them, I’m fine with paying for some quality work by an artist.

As to why not just make a table myself, considering I have the space for such a thing? Shit, my hobby time is already scrounged together in brief windows of freedom late at night, a big project like that is not something I’m interested in dumping on myself right now.

Also finished one of the newer armor boxes for Resistance!

Gorgeous model. I think I like the Hellhog more, but this is just lovely to look at.

The Cyclones were probably the least ‘useful’ thing in the box for me, as I already had two of each variety. However, they are also delightful models, so I don’t mind having more.

Another Kraken is a godsend, as only having the two that come with the starter felt constraining at times. Another Circe is fine, it’s more flame and transport-free standard choices.

With the Attilas, I was surprised at how much more I liked them after they were finished than I expected. The original preview render of the model had them looking a bit ridiculous and weird, but they actually have some charm with their splayed legs and silly clamp arms. I built them as such because the guns are a boring option compared to clamps.

Now, it’s subtle, but you may have noticed something different about one of the three!

When assembling these, I dropped one of the leg joints. And it vanished into the ether. I tore the room apart trying to find it, but apparently it managed to undergo an inordinately unlikely macro-scale quantum tunneling event into the fucking floor. So, whatever. As they are now Attilas come in groups of 2-4, and three is an awkward number in terms of transports, so two is fine. I’ll probably eventually just take the one leg bit I have and make a mold to cast the missing bit, but I’m in no rush for that.