Finished the last batch of Scourge units I had. With these, I believe I’ve completed both Fleet and Zone Scourge collections (some with magnetization). I thought the Obliterator looked rather like it had a silly hat, but in person I’ve grown to like it more. The Spectres look far better when based as skimmers. They’re small models, and laying flat on the table gives them a flimsy appearance, while hovering they look sleeker/more aggressive.

I’m not sure when I’d actually run the Obliterator outside tailoring a list to counter a behemoth. It looks like it will probably kill a single thing rather well, but I expected slightly higher energy on the attack. The Slaughterer, while also fairly anti-behemoth, looks a bit more viable with an area attack. We’ll have to see with both being MF 0″!

I’m more interested in trying out the Spectres with photon blasters in some sort of janky indirect focused list, alongside an Annihilator, an Eradicator, and a bunch of Minders/Monitors to spot with.