I’ve been unimpressed with the Dictator in games thus far; the Arc Maw sounds potent, but keeping out of line of sight and range of 6″ MF/12″ R(C) has proven to be not the most difficult task, and quickly knocking 5 points off the weapon zone to take it out has felt like a reasonable use of firepower. The Static Accelerators are fine, but if the primary weapon is taken down, shooting with just them is a bit underwhelming. We’ll have to see if the Tyrant’s kit proves more effective!

For building the Scourge behemoths, I found the best way to handle it was to dry fit three of the ‘leg’ tentacles and heat bend them into approximately the intended final shape, then prime/paint them. Those three can be lightly heated and adjusted to provide a stable stance when glued to the tentacle-base component, and the remaining three dry fit/bent/attached/adjusted one at a time. The ‘arm’ tentacles are then easy enough to fit and bend as desired, with the head followed by the guns glued on as the final step.

So with that, the behemoth family is complete. While I do have a Resistance force, I’m really not terribly inclined to go through the process of building and painting another behemoth at the moment, so perhaps down the line.