After many days of spending my 15-20 minutes of free time quickly doing one tiny portion at a time, the Dictator is complete.

Much like the PHR behemoth, the most difficult part was the ‘legs’. Getting them to support the weight of the top with the way I configured them was a challenge involving a lot of trying to heat a single tentacle at a time with a giant old shitty hair dryer and anchoring it in place while it cooled, and repeating the process a dozen times.

It would have been easier if built so the component where the tentacles attach was higher up and angled more towards the ground, but doing that would increase the total height of the model more than I wanted, since I wanted to keep it approximately the same height as the PHR one.

I’d recommend at least doing the best you can to get them flat and well distributed around the approximate center of gravity of the top piece before attaching it.

Overall I quite like the model, but I think any upcoming attempts to play with it I may try spacing out the buildings a bit. Maybe go to a 6×4 setup or take a few of them off the table? Difficulty in moving might actually be a balancing factor for behemoths, but I’m not the most competitive player by any means so I’m not going to speculate too much on that.

And yes, I know the weapons are the wrong way, but I prefer how they look like this as the pink vent bits face out and give it more visual pop from the side!