Building the legs so they would have all three ‘toes’ lay flat on each foot was an exercise in frustration! After multiple attempts and ripping apart glued together pieces to adjust angles I ended up propping up the center piece on a pile of books atop some coins so I could adjust the exact height, and gluing a mostly assembled leg simultaneously to it and the foot so I could quickly adjust the pieces before it dried. After the first two were done like that, the third piece and on were stable enough to get the remainder done without issue.

The end result of the angles of the leg pieces meant the model came out shorter and wider than I wanted; I was hoping to have the legs spread apart less for practical purposes of moving around the table. I’m not sure it can be much more compact though, with the joint between the foot and ankle being the prime cause here.

I mentioned magnetizing in the previous post about these! My standards for magnetizing are that it needs to be both a strong enough bond that you don’t have bits moving around at the touch, and not possible to tell it’s magnetized from looking at it. After some failed attempts to do so, I gave up and did the very financially stupid thing of buying two more behemoths so I could have one of each variation for the PHR and Scourge. At least my model queue is just these things because I’ve got certainly got shit to work on now.