Resolved to finish the table before moving on to more models. A lot of minor repairs of no real note were done, then the handful of things that still needed assembly.

Sign gantries and pedestrian overpasses from 4ground; easy to slop on rusted paint colors while still on the sheets before building them. The gantries are designed to slot into their MDF ground terrain and so will need some support to properly stand independently. Need to pick up a few more small washers to give them the weight to do so.

It’s very, very easy to see the amount of windows and overhangs that need to be glued on each building one at a time and wonder what you did to yourself, but it goes by faster than it would seem once you’re in the groove of it. The buildings need weathering and additional rooftop detail additions. One nice thing about these is the burn marks from the laser cutting does a good bit to help things look weathered already. Thinking to do some light dry brushing of dirty/rusty colors, then it’s time for vegetation.