It’s very important that skimmers skim. I settled on this way of adding floating bases to my skimmer models so they properly hover; I showed off the finished work a while back, but since I have some freshly painted skimmers to do it on, wanted to better document it.

First, cut off the top of a widget, and drill a small hole where it’ll be mounted; the widget still has bit of roughness sticking off the top, and the hole is there to slot that into and provide enough surface area between the two for a good bond.

I use 25mm acrylic bases with a 1.5mm hole; the standard Zone/Fleet acrylic rods fit right in. Just need to cut off a small enough portion of the rods to provide a place for the widget to slide onto. That part is actually a pain, since the tension will cause the tiny rod to go flying and get lost if you’re not prepared. Gluing with acrylic glue specifically is important, since it’s easy for super glue to make a mess and make a gross fog all over the plastic.

Ready to slide on! I did not notice how rough the fronts of these were until looking at the pictures now.

And the finished product, with a mostly completed but not quite there Athena as well.