While I’ve liked the texture and coloration of this mat, it just felt too arid. While I don’t want to have a solid sheet of green, as that would both look boring and cover up all the earth texture, I decided I’d upgrade the mat from scrubland to something a hint more verdant.

Actually began the process on the right side of the mat before realizing I should take a quick before picture.

It’s a simple but slow process. Spray alcohol over the mat to help the glue penetrate into the crevices, mist the mat with roughly 1:4 matte medium:water, then lightly sprinkle fine flock. After I got coverage I was content with, the alcohol and glue steps were repeated nightly for a few days, giving it plenty of time to dry between.

Enough coverage to alleviate the desolate appearance, while still allowing plenty of soil and rock to come through.

Next up was the first light behemoth to come out of the queue, and accompanying worms.

Fairly simple build, with the most time consuming part being the Razorworms. I did a quick job on them, just a verdigris base with a gray wash and some extremely light dry brushing of red to get a tiny hint of color if you look close. The bright green ones are warp lightning contrast, selected and applied by the kid. Basing was lazy ass flock and rocks.

I picked up two of the kits in order to build one of each, and went with the lobster variant first in order to get the many worms done and out of the way. Kit didn’t have many issues; the tips of the feet have some mold slippage that was shaved down, and the sides of the worm pods had some as well that can be seen a bit in the above picture.

Just a shot of the pieces it comes in, with the exception of the Razorworms and their bases.

Size is hefty but not unwieldy. Unlike the heavy behemoths, most terrain setups that could accommodate things like a Hades or Leviathan should have no issue with these.

But the mat/table isn’t done yet! Will it ever be? Probably not, but soon I get to take a knife to some of that ever loved XPS foam in order to get elevation and other features made up.