I enjoyed painting the Jaguar so much, I immediately started work on a couple more Shaltari.

The Braves themselves were painted just like the Jaguar was. I made sure to pick up a few blisters of the metal versions, as the detailing is far better than the plastic available in the starter kits.

Pictured is the basing in process. After filling in the gaps in the slots as best as I could with liquid green stuff, watered down PVA is slopped on, and some railroad terrain ballast of mixed sizes is lightly sprinkled on.

Next, the base is painted with Vallejo Tan Earth, then Vallejo Chocolate Brown is watered down with the Army Painter Quickshade medium and a bit of water, which I found did the best job of making it the right amount of translucent and flow well enough.

This was followed by a light drybrushing of Vallejo Stonewall Grey on the rocks.

Last, watered down PVA is again put on, but just in the spots where I wanted a bit of texture from vegetation. I went with the earth colored turf, as I felt brighter green turf would blend visually with the green of the Shaltari themselves. It’s subtle but I think improves it a lot. I think autumn colored flock might work very well to contrast with the bright green, but I don’t have any of that kicking around.

A Panther got painted to go with them as well!