I’ve had my eye on a particular terrain piece for a bit: a radar telescope from The Lazy Forger.

I don’t have a 3D printer, and have no desire to get one either, so I ended up ordering one from K2C2Creations on Etsy, upscaled to 10mm.

No printlines, nothing broken, quite happy with it. The only issue is one of the steps of the ladder leading up to the antenna wasn’t punched out; I tried pushing on it a bit, but afraid I would do more in the way of damage than repairs decided it was fine and left it be.

Painting it was straightforward, as considering the model is a near direct copy of the telescopes from the Very Large Array, and those are painted solid white all over, I copied that but in a simple grey to convey it was aged/dirty. Then made it dirtier.

The only real difficulty I had was in deciding if the plant overgrowth should extend up onto the dish; I decided not to so it could be justifiably be functional as part of a Dropzone scale comms station sector for Dropfleet.