Nearly finished with the model backlog, with my deadline being the impending arrival of some particularly large additions.

Didn’t intend on ever doing so, but got a good enough deal on a Hades to pick up an extra so I can have both one of those and a Persephone without having to deal with a poorly friction fitting tail. The one game I tried using a Persephone in I was rather disappointed; the area attack might just need a bit more range to feel better? I quite like the design of the tail in any case.

Astrobotanical stations! Built a large and a medium/small out of the kit. I think the domes look better in person than in the photo, but that’s an easy and unverifiable claim to make.

All that remains is the defense grid stations, and then small bits of miscellaneous terrain sprucing up. But something else completely unrelated to the model work did finally arrive this weekend:

Picked up a nuc to get the hive going again! Got them in the box without much issue, stragglers all made their way in within a few hours.

Had to assemble and add in a few more frames to fill out the deep earlier today, but going to leave them to settle in for two weeks or so before cracking it open to take a look again. Only complaint I have is my queen was supposed to be marked and wasn’t, but that isn’t the end of the world since she isn’t too difficult to spot once you’re used to it.