Was slowly adding the base metallics to the various PHR models when I got tired of painting and decided to switch it up with a bit of terrain work.

Forests and trees have been a bit of an issue on how best to handle them; I prefer not having my terrain on bases when possible as it feels like they’re incorporated into the table better without them, with bases making them appear more like game pieces (which admittedly they are). But the larger trees aren’t at all stable with just the bases they’re provided with, as they’re intended to be glued down to the terrain, so I decided I’d just have to deal with it.

Adding some weight to the base by gluing washers on and painting them a dark brown is enough to get them stable enough for practical use and not that visually obvious, and they can be used as either scatter terrain/table flavor or a forest proper by placing a group of them together in whatever shape and size desired.

For other terrain work, as far as I can tell what needs to be done is finishing the 4ground buildings, doing some more weathering on and adding black card stock inside the TTcombat buildings, adding more overgrowth to most everything, and some minor paint repairs on stuff like air conditioning units and scatter.