The issues I’ve got to address are getting my proper camera (just a simple Canon EOS Rebel) dug out of a pile of moving boxes, as well as constructing a real lightbox, as right now I’m shining a desk lamp on a piece of paper and using a dreadful phone camera to capture these. The models are dry brushed with gold over a brown that gives them a sheen that isn’t being properly caught by such a professional quality setup, so hopefully getting that sorted will make for better photos.

The bright side is the poor resolution of the pictures hides the many painting errors.

The other thing to tackle is a minor one:

2x Pompeius/Agrippa

3x PHR Monitors

1x Astrobotanical Station

1x Defense Station

8x Raptor

1x Subjugator

2x Brigand

1x Athena

2x Menchit

4x Hermes

2x Helios/Aether

In addition to a bunch of scenery to finish, although that’s low priority for now. The general approach I take to this sort of thing is to do a little bit every day; I’ve been exceedingly busy the past week and will be so for the next month or so as near as I can tell, but even doing something as little as getting stickers on the bases or painting one set of eyes is progress, and things get finished surprisingly quickly doing so.